What is Best Bar None?

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What is Best Bar None?

And why visit an accredited Best Bar?

The Best Bar None program originated in the UK in 2006 and launched in Edmonton in 2010.

Best Bar None was created to recognize and encourage the bars that prioritize patron and staff safety.

Is safety important?

We’ve learned that Albertans value safety.

Two recent surveys* asked bar-goers to rate the importance of several factors when deciding where to spend their time and money.

In the past two years, safety was valued as the most important factor. Safety within the establishment was rated “Extremely Important” or “Very Important” in choosing a bar to visit by just under 80% of those surveyed. In fact, safety, food and atmosphere were the top three rated factors in both surveys.

Safety was considered more important than factors such as location, dancing, popularity and even drink prices.

So why is there Best Bar None?

A Best Bar None venue is serious about fun, service and safety. The whole package is important. And that’s why over 150 bars in Edmonton, Calgary, Grande Prairie and Lethbridge work hard to earn accreditation status.

Don’t forget to check the Best Bar Finder to locate a bar that takes your fun and safety seriously.

*Surveys conducted in Feb. 2016 and Feb. 2017 of 1,000 Albertans in Edmonton, Calgary and Grande Prairie by NRG Research Group