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Growing recognition for Best Bar None Grande Prairie

Another Year of Growth for Grande Prairie 

Grande Prairie’s best bars, Best Bar None (BBN) program partners and community stakeholders gathered at Podollan Inn on September 18, 2018, for the 5th Annual Best Bar None Accreditation and Awards event.

This year, a new record of 14 bars were recognized for prioritizing staff and patron safety, responsible liquor service, compliance to regulations and being a good neighbour. The number of accredited bars successfully achieving accreditation has grown steadily every year since the pilot in 2014, when five bars demonstrated the BBN standard.

Dignitaries from The City of Grande Prairie, RCMP, AGLC and Grande Prairie Fire Department presented bar operators with their latest accreditation plaques, as well as trophies for the bars who distinguished themselves in each category.

Unlike the People’s Choice Awards, which were chosen via online voting by almost 700 people, the trophy-winning bars are selected by the Best Bar None Steering Committee, which includes representatives from each of the program partners.

The Committee uses information collected from the bars’ assessment visits, as well as data collected from the municipality, police, fire and AGLC.

Congratulations to all 14 accredited bars, including the trophy winners:

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