Best Bar None Accreditation Q&A

How do applicant businesses earn accreditation?

To earn BBN accreditation, an applicant business uses the BBN checklist to prepare for an in-person assessment.

The assessment itself involves:

  • Written policy evaluation
  • Physical inspection of the room
  • Questionnaire/Interview

The criteria items combine AGLC and partner regulations and policies and industry best practices. The criteria items are split into mandatory and bonus items, covering, but not limited to:

  • Staff Training
  • Safe Workplace
  • Patron Management
  • Responsible Liquor Service
  • Fire Safety
  • Being a Good Neighbour
  • Customer Service

If the applicants meet the mandatory criteria, they earn BBN accreditation status, distinguishing themselves as responsible and leading hospitality businesses. All accredited businesses who meet this standard are ratified by the Steering Committee, to ensure the team is comfortable and confident with the list.

How do accredited venues get considered for an award?

Bonus items and questionnaire results from the checklist are scored resulting in a short list of highest achievers in each category. The BBN Steering Committees meet and select winners in every category combining BBN scoring and the establishment’s overall compliance levels, reputation in the community and cooperation with regulators. Every category winner receives a trophy to display for the year.

What are some examples of criteria items in the checklist?

The current BBN checklist features 119 criteria items. Here are a few examples:

For example, in the area of Patron Management, one of the mandatory criteria requires that the venue business has a written policy ensuring that staff manage and supervise any guest smoking area. One example of bonus criteria includes having a security surveillance/camera system.

In the area of Staff Training, one of the mandatory criteria requires a written zero tolerance policy on serving alcohol to minors. There is also a bonus item encouraging the business to develop written policies educating staff on strategies to identify and prevent sexual violence and harassment.

How long is the accreditation valid?

Best Bar None accreditation is valid for one year. BBN accreditation visits are conducted annually. This means existing accredited venues are expected to re-apply annually and undergo a successful assessment to retain their accreditation status. This also affords previously non-accredited businesses an opportunity to raise their standards and gain accreditation.