Bars Take the Last Straw Challenge

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Bars Take the Last Straw Challenge

Battle of Alberta edition on going straw-free

A new challenge in the ongoing Battle of Alberta was issued to Calgary bars at the Best Bar None (BBN) event on June 19th.

Calgary Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell made a special presentation at the event, urging Calgary bar and restaurant operators in the room to go straw-free – and to beat Edmonton – in the Last Straw Challenge.

On one side of the Calgary vs. Edmonton Last Straw Challenge is Councillor Druh Farrell and Plastic Free YYC; on the other side is Edmonton Ward 8 Councillor Ben Henderson and Waste Free Edmonton.

Councillor C Farrell on stage at BBN Calgary event presenting the Last Straw Challenge.

Councillor C Farrell on stage at BBN Calgary event presenting the Last Straw Challenge.

At stake is city pride

Here’s how the Last Straw Challenge works:

Participating bars and restaurants can chose to go straw-free:

  • For one day – July 14, 2018
  • For one week, ideally, including July 14
  • Indefinitely

Bars and restaurants would report their participation to Waste Free Edmonton or Plastic Free YYC; the bars would be listed on the Challenge websites


It is estimated that over 57 million single-use plastic straws are thrown away every day in Canada and these plastic items – after being used just once – can wind up in landfills, waterways, beaches or even harming wildlife.

This Last Straw Challenge encourages bars and their guests to do their part to minimize the waste. BBN venues are strongly encouraged to take up the challenge. See which venues participated in the Last Straw Challenge and which city took home the win.

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